Hi, I'm Kevin
MAY 11, 2024

I want your photo session to be fun!

I know having your photos done can be awkward. I much prefer to be behind the camera.  It's okay to feel a little uncomfortable having your pictures taken, though I don't want you to be, many of my clients tell me that they feel this way.

So, how do I make people feel comfortable? The one thing that I'll  never say is "Just relax." If you've ever heard that phrase while you've felt anxious, then you know that that phrase has the opposite effect.  

So, How will I get you to feel more comfortable? 

I'll build a rapport  with you. couples and families whom I've worked with have often told me how I made them feel relaxed. They've told me that I'm 'easy going' and that their sessions were 'painless'!! I know what they're talking about and it makes me feel happy that I've taken the stress off of their shoulders. 

I'll have you focus on something else to take your mind off of the photo session. I'll give couples word games to play or do something that gets them to focus on one another. I encourage kids to play or search for an object. 

I'll get you moving. Since you'll be doing something, you won't strictly think about having your photos taken. Walking, holding hands, dancing, and exploring (which make great candid shots)  all take your mind off the task at hand.

If you're worried about looking uncomfortable in your pictures, or stressed about the process, just drop a note in the comments. Tell me your concerns, I'm here to help! 

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Cape Cod Photo Session
If you're planning a Cape Cod photo session at the beach or at home, please contact me.

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